Nutritional Counseling

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We stock a range of prescription diets, and can special order specific foods recommended by our veterinarians to meet your pet’s needs. Over the years our doctors have developed great confidence in these diets as an adjunct to the treatment of a variety of diseases including those affecting the kidney, heart and liver. Additionally there are diets for obesity, allergy, digestive disorders and diabetes which have all been shown conclusively to help the underlying disease process, and which we therefore recommend.

34% of dogs and cats are overweight or obese. Several studies have shown that pets in ideal body condition live an average of 2.5 years longer. Our pets don’t live long enough as it is. Maintaining an appropriate weight is the key to longevity and is within our control.  We love our pets no matter their size and shape.  It is hard to ignore their request for more food or another treat.  However, the impact of obesity can be devastating. Overweight pets are at an increased risk for osteoarthritis, diabetes, decreased immune function, liver problems, and even heart and respiratory disease. Whether we are discussing preventive medicine or trying to help a sick pet, body condition score and nutrition counseling are important aspects of every visit to Zebulon Animal Hospital.

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COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, we are now requiring all staff and clients to wear masks while in the building, regardless of vaccination status. The safety of both our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to Zebulon Animal Hospital. Thank you for your continued support.